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Metropol recommends

Grilled royal shrimps with Caesar salad
Lasagna with Far East crab and zucchini in «Tartufa» cream sauce
Rossini beef with «Madera» sauce
Pumpkin creamy soup with truffle flavor
Tartar from tuna with mango sauce and fresh strawberries
Metropole Chatain
Blanche de Metropole
Chicken Kiev with mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce
Pike perch fillet with asparagus, cream onion and crayfish sauce
Salmon with salsa from fresh tomatoes and olive tapenade
Apple / cherry strudel with an ice-cream scoop and caramel sauce
Traditional beef stroganoff from beef sirloin with oyster mushrooms and pickled cucumbers
Sugar wafers with whipped cream and fresh raspberry
Hungover shchi with a puff pastry cap
«Tahiti» creme brulee with vanilla under a thin layer of caramel crust
Napoleon with light pastry creme and raspberry sauce
«Sakura» dessert with savory cherry filling on thin shortcakes
Ravioli with ricotta, fresh spinach and crayfish tails
Kamchatka prickly crab with ruccola, avocado, tomatoes and apple sauce
Beef carpaccio with ruccola and truffle oil
Russian salad with veal tongue, crayfish tails under provencal sauce
Veal tail steak with port wine jelly and «Pushkin» potatoes
«Faberge» cutlets with mushroom perlotto and «Tartufa» sauce
Russian gold (sturgeon black caviar)
Red caviar on ice with wheat toasts
Ribeye steak with baked potatoes, gorgonzola cheese and fresh vegetables
Creamy soup from forest mushrooms with whipped cream shanty
Slightly roast tuna with asparagus and onion confiture
Dressed herring salad
Roast beef with concasse tomatoes, pea sprouts and Thai Chili sauce
Borshch with spicy beef, homemade sour cream, pork fat and pampushki
Tartar from weak-salty salmon with avocado and egg dressing
Rack with baked vegetables and Porto marmalade
Sous-Vide poularde fillet with morel sauce and pumpkin risotto
Pacific cod liver with mangold leaves and stewed peaches
Pike souffle with spinach sauce and pureed beets
Classical onion soup with cheese toasts and nutmeg
Fresh salad mix with orange segments and honey-lime sauce